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Special Education

Resource Specialist Program

A resource specialist program provides instruction and services to students with disabilities assigned to the general education classroom for the majority of the school day. The goal of the resource specialist program is to enable students with disabilities to succeed in the general education environment. The program provides assistance in a variety of ways depending on the needs of a particular student. 


The Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Support Facilitator Program (or Inclusion Program) is an itinerant teacher program which support students with moderate to severe challenges who are fully included in the general education classroom. LRE Support Facilitators are special education teachers with expertise in developing programs, which include curricular modifications, behavioral interventions, or assistance with social skills. This support may be direct, indirect, and/or technical support. Direct support involves assistance given to the student within the general education classroom; it includes co-teaching, teaming, modeling, or small group instruction. Indirect support occurs outside the classroom and is provided in order to coordinate the instructional program; it may include creating curricular modifications, co-planning with the general education teacher; collaborative team meeting; IEP preparation, or observations. In addition, technical support may be provided to schools or staff members for program development in moving students into LRE.

Autism Special Day Classroom (AUT)

Designated Instruction and Services

Designated instruction and services assist students with disabilities to benefit from their general education or special education program.

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