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The Arts

"Anton Dance Team" meets on a weekly basis after school in the schools Multipurpose Room. Please see Mrs. Calcanas for information regarding the Anton Dance Team.

"MAKE SOME NOISE" meets in the Multipurpose Room on a weekly basis. Please see Ms. Garcia for information regarding MAKE SOME NOISE.

VAPA--Visual Arts and Performing Arts

The visual and performing arts at Anton provides a comprehensive standards-driven curriculum based on the art content standards and the Principles of Learning; and a belief that dance, music, theater and visual arts stimulate critical thinking through the process of talking, reading, writing, reflecting about, and creating art.

Anton Elementary promotes arts education by focusing on quality instruction and rigorous standards and provides opportunities to highlight the talents of our students through the many school site programs and performances. To build arts content knowledge for teachers, planned professional development is offered to elementary throughout the year.

Anton Elementary students receive the services of a traveling arts teacher for an 8 -12 week instructional rotation in drama, dance and visual arts. Each discipline is presented in a skill-building sequence based on content standards and linked to the core curriculum with the understanding that the classroom teacher actively participates in the lessons. Coaching by the arts teachers is also an integral component, as well as funding for professional development, art texts, equipment and supplies. The ultimate goal is the implementation of a school-wide visual and performing arts program.

Anton Dance Team 2018-2019
Make Some Noise 2018-2019
Anton Art Festival 2019
Music Center