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Enrollment Form (click on link below):

Enrollment Form: English (PDF)

Enrollment Form: Spanish (PDF)


Emergency Card (click link below): 

Emergency Card: English (PDF)

Emergency Card: Spanish (PDF)



1. How can I apply to Spanish Dual Language program?

Apply online at


2. If I live within the L.A. Unified boundary and want my child to attend a neighborhood school that is not my resident school, how do I apply?

Contact the school directly to inquire about an Intra-district Permit or click here to download more information.  You can also visit for Open Enrollment availability.


3. If I live outside of L.A. Unified boundaries, and I want my child to attend an L.A. Unified school, how do I apply?

Apply for an Incoming Inter-district Permit online at

Student Enrollment

Meet our Office Staff

  Alexandra Agraz Office Technician
  Meilyng Cabadas School Administrative Assistant
  Sarah Gonzalez Office Technician

Enrollment for 2021-2022 

Become an Anton Eagle! We would love to have you be part of our school! Stop by our main office or call (323) 981-3640 for more information. We are located at: 831 N. Bonnie Beach Pl.  Los Angeles, CA 90063. 


Bring original copies of the following :

  1. Your Proof of Residence
  2. Driver's License, ID Card, Court paper or Affidavit of Parental/Guardian Identification, Caregiver Affidavit
  3. The new student's ORIGINAL birth certificate, or passport, baptismal certificate or an affidavit.
  4. New student's immunization record
  5. (K & 1 Only) Proof of dental check-up

Proof of Residence bring one of the following documents:

  • Most recent utility service bills under your name (gas, water, electric)
  • Property Taxes
  • Rental or lease agreement with additional proof of residence*
  • Official government mail (Cal Works, Social Security)
  • Note: LAUSD does not accept telephone bills or driver's license as proof of residence.

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade Immunization Requirements:

  • POLIO: 4 doses, but 3 doses are enough if at least one was given after the fourth birthday
  • DTP: 5 doses, but 4 doses meets requirement if at least one was given on or after the fourth birthday
  • MMR: 2 does for Kindergarten entry - both doses on or after first birthday
  • Hepatitis B: 3 doses
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): (1) History of Chicken Pox disease must be documented (by Doctor) OR one dose required



Students who live outside of our area of residence may apply for a permit.  There are two types of permits that you may apply for: intra-district and inter-district.


Intra-district Permit Transfers (school-to-school transfers within LAUSD)

William R. Anton Elementary (Anton E.S.) is in the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you live within LAUSD but Anton E.S. is NOT your home school, you need to complete an intra-district permit application and submit any additional proof as outlined here. The intra-district permit may also be obtained from Anton E.S. or your home school. The intra-district permit application requires that you first obtain your resident school principal’s signature first, followed by one from Mr. Jose Javier Hernandez, Principal, of William R. Anton Elementary. 


Permits are granted for the categories below:

  • Child Care (Provider resides within Anton's school boundaries. Child care affidavit form)
  • Parent Employment (One parent/guardian is employed within the Anton's school boundaries)
  • Specialized Program - Transitional Kindergarten (TK students whose resident school does not offer a TK program)
  • Specialized Program – Spanish Dual Language (grade TK/K )
  • Sibling (K-5 students whom have a sibling already attending Anton E.S.  on a valid permit


Inter-district Permit Requests (permitting in from another district outside LAUSD)

William R. Anton Elementary is in the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you live outside LAUSD boundaries, you will need to complete an inter-district permit application and submit it online. Questions about Inter-District Permits? Call their department directly at (213) 202-7581.

Request for permits may be submitted to the main office after February 1. Students who applied for Dual Language program via choices may log online to see their status or contact Ms. Torres, assistant principal, for more information. 

What grade should your child enroll in? Click on the link below and type in your child's birthdate.