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Gifted and Talented Education Program

The philosophy of Gifted/Talented Programs is integrally connected to the District’s mission for all students.

The District’s instructional programs for gifted and talented students are based on the principles that all students are to receive an education appropriate to their individual capabilities, interests, and needs, and that students have learning opportunities that help develop their abilities to the highest level

What does “Gifted and Talented Education” (GATE) mean?

Briefly, it means that the student exhibits abilities markedly beyond age/grade-level peers that may include creativity, problem-solving, higher level thinking skills and visual and performing arts. Gifted students tend to demonstrate characteristics where they think more rapidly and with more complexity than their age peers.


Teachers of gifted/talented students differentiate the core curriculum through various means, including flexible groupings, acceleration of content, tiered assignments, interest centers, learning centers, compacting in student’s area of strength, adjusting questions, and use of above-grade-level resources. The school program has a more rigorous standard providing differentiation, rather than “One-Size-Fits-All” instruction as an integral part of the regular school day.