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Instructional Coaches
Contact Alberto Hernandez  Alberto Hernandez Instructional Coach
Contact Ricardo Melendez  Ricardo Melendez Title III Coach
School Administrators
Contact Patricia Castro  Patricia Castro Principal
Contact Angelica Diaz Infante  Angelica Diaz Infante Assistant Principal, EIS
Contact Eufrosino Espinoza  Eufrosino Espinoza Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Contact Alexandra Agraz  Alexandra Agraz Office Technician
Contact Meilyng Cabadas  Meilyng Cabadas School Administrative Assistant
Contact Sarah Gonzalez  Sarah Gonzalez Office Technician
Contact Rene Coronado  Rene Coronado Teacher Assistant
Contact Kimberely Curiel  Kimberely Curiel Teacher Assistant
Contact Maria Guerra  Maria Guerra Special Ed Assistant
Contact Connie Gutierrez  Connie Gutierrez Special Ed Assistant
Contact Laura Hernandez  Laura Hernandez Teaching Assistant
Contact Jessica Lozano  Jessica Lozano Teaching Assistant
Contact Charlie Martinez  Charlie Martinez Special Ed Assistant
Contact Raudel Munoz  Raudel Munoz Teacher Assistant
Contact Stephanie Palomino  Stephanie Palomino Special Ed Assistant
Contact Sonia Perez  Sonia Perez Special Ed Assistant
Contact Yolanda Ramirez  Yolanda Ramirez Special Ed Assistant
Contact Kristina Rangel  Kristina Rangel Special Education Assistant
Contact Martha Soriano  Martha Soriano Teacher Assistant
Contact Estella Vallejo  Estella Vallejo Teaching Assistant
School Staff Locker

Staff Directory

Early Transitional Kindergarten--ETK
Contact Marina Gomez  Marina Gomez Teacher
Transitional Kindergarten--TK
Contact Rebecca Luna  Rebecca Luna Teacher
Contact Nancy Cadena  Nancy Cadena Teacher
Contact Flor Calzada  Flor Calzada Teacher
Contact Sergio Mendez  Sergio Mendez Teacher
Contact Maria Reyes  Maria Reyes Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Kunakorn Chaiprasert  Kunakorn Chaiprasert Teacher
Contact Adrian Hernandez  Adrian Hernandez Teacher
Contact Patricia Nanez  Patricia Nanez Teacher
Contact Loretta Ortega  Loretta Ortega Teacher
Contact Mark Reyes  Mark Reyes Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Valentina Alvarez  Valentina Alvarez Teacher
Contact Maricela Donlucas  Maricela Donlucas Teacher
Contact Luis Jimenez  Luis Jimenez Teacher
Contact Luis Montalvo  Luis Montalvo Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Valerie Calcanas  Valerie Calcanas Teacher
Contact Maricel Cruz  Maricel Cruz Teacher
Contact Patricia Garcia  Patricia Garcia Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Jose Becerra  Jose Becerra Teacher
Contact Adalberto Ortiz  Adalberto Ortiz Teacher
Contact Sandra Soltero-Torres  Sandra Soltero-Torres Teacher
Contact Laura Webber  Laura Webber Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Nancy Diaz  Nancy Diaz Teacher
Contact Janis Nuno  Janis Nuno Teacher
Contact Amei Yao  Amei Yao Teacher
6th Grade
Contact Maria Avila-Raspet  Maria Avila-Raspet Teacher
Contact Angelica Fuentes  Angelica Fuentes Teacher
Contact Sergio Perez  Sergio Perez Teacher
Special Education
Contact Emilee Faber  Emilee Faber PAL Teacher
Contact Deborah Galvan  Deborah Galvan Resource Teacher
Contact Lourdes Garnica  Lourdes Garnica SLD Teacher
Contact Leslie Perez  Leslie Perez AUT Teacher
Contact Raudel Perez  Raudel Perez AUT Teacher
Contact Amanda Solano  Amanda Solano Resource Specialist Teacher
Community Representative
Contact Sandra Garcia  Sandra Garcia Staff
Other Support Staff
Contact Maria Anzaldo  Maria Anzaldo Cafeteria Assistant
Contact Carlos Esqueda  Carlos Esqueda B & G
Contact Martha Garcia  Martha Garcia Cafeteria Assistant
Contact Susana Gonzalez  Susana Gonzalez Staff
Contact Margarito Mayorga  Margarito Mayorga (323) 981-3640 ex: 3659 Plant Manager
Contact Juan Mendoza  Juan Mendoza (323) 981-3658 ex: 3658 Cafeteria Manager
Contact Adela Pizano  Adela Pizano Supervision AIde
Contact Claudia Ramos  Claudia Ramos Supervision AIde
Contact Raymond Sheen  Raymond Sheen B & G
Contact Guadalupe Teposte  Guadalupe Teposte Cafeteria Assistant
Contact Stephanie Yanez  Stephanie Yanez Librarian
After School Staff
Contact Shirley Gomez  Shirley Gomez YDP
Contact Rosa Mendez  Rosa Mendez YDP
Contact Raudel Munoz  Raudel Munoz Teacher Assistant
Contact Jeane Rodriguez  Jeane Rodriguez YDP
Contact Daisy Rubio  Daisy Rubio Beyond the Bell
Contact David Salazar  David Salazar YDP
Contact Jody Simmons  Jody Simmons YDP
Contact Ariam Woldeghebriel  Ariam Woldeghebriel YDP
Support Personnel
Contact Christina Fernandez  Christina Fernandez Speech and Language Teacher
Contact Dionicia Fox  Dionicia Fox PSW
Contact Lorena Gomez-Schley  Lorena Gomez-Schley Psychologist
Contact Geminesse Tristan  Geminesse Tristan PSA